Created in 2015, APARA is a French jewelry brand that differentiates itself from the jewelry market with  a unique collection of jewels in innovative materials. 
The word APARA is from the French word “Apparat” which is usually used to describe the particular beauty of an outfit or a person. 
APARA won two prices at the Concours Lépine, a prestigious invention contest in Paris. We decided to bring this unique brand, with its pieces that cannot be found anywhere else, to the United States.





“Originally based in the incomparably romantic and dreamlike country of France, I have experience working as a florist and floral designer for over 15 years. My work was widely recognized for its combination of creativity with natural floral composition.

In my professional experience and networking, I have encountered and been seduced by the up and coming brand APARA.  I fell in love with the way the brand utilizes simple concepts alongside complex material choices and purity of design.

My husband, my two sons, and I were always inspired by the energy of the USA. More precisely, we fell in love with Celebration, Florida, an idyllic town neighboring  the world-famous theme parks that we love. We finally decided to move in and bring APARA with us. The vibrancy of the USA, energy of Florida, and je ne sais quoi of France  bring me today to present you the collection TODAY I AM... and I hope that this unique line of jewelry will bring you as much joy in every occasion as it did to me.”

Fanny Masci, Founder of APARA